Apartment Complex May Replace Old Freemasons Club Building In Stones Corner

The old Freemasons Club along Stones Corner could be up for demolition if plans to construct a 13-storey apartment complex with retail tenancies push through.

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Brisbane City Council is currently in the process of assessing the plans (A005844851) submitted by Oakridge Property Group in September 2021.

Aerial view of subject site (Photo credit: developmenti.brisbane.qld.gov.au/

The 2,104-sqm site, located at 17 Cleveland Street, houses the old Freemasons Centre which is currently vacant. Aside from the demolition of all structures on-site, the applicant is also seeking to clear all on-site vegetation and close all existing crossovers and upgrades to both the Cleveland and Lincoln Street verges.

Proposal Details

The proposed development features an apartment complex that will consist of 33 one-bedroom, 11 two-bedroom and fifty-five 55 three-bedroom residential dwellings.

Photo credit: NMDS Architecture/developmenti.brisbane.qld.gov.au

There will be four levels of basement parking, which will accommodate a total of 211 vehicles. Around 178 car parks will be provided for residents whilst 25 for visitors and the remaining eight for retail parking. Also included in the proposal are two new vehicle crossovers to Cleveland St and another one in Lincoln St.

The dedicated pedestrian entry to the building proposed to Cleveland Street will have direct connectivity to the retail tenancies and dedicated access, via a lobby, to the residential lifts.

Photo credit: NMDS Architecture/developmenti.brisbane.qld.gov.au

If approved, the 13-storey building would add to the high-rise residential developments proposed in the area.

The adjoining site to the north, located at  11 Cleveland Street, has been approved for an eight-storey building incorporating ground floor commercial/non-residential uses and apartments above ground level. The adjoining sites to the south are improved by a two-storey multiple dwelling and pre-1911 detached dwelling.

“The site is included in the HDR1 zone adjacent to a District Centre and District Park. The proposed development density is in response to the Sites proximity to a centre, parkland and key transport corridors and stations (bus and rail). The additional development density sought is unlikely to impact upon the amenity of surrounding sites and uses,” Urbicus stated in an assessment report.

For more details about this proposed development, see DA-A005844851.