3 Simple Ideas for QT with Kids for Multi-tasking Greenslopes Mums

Mums need “me-time” too but let’s admit it — in these days of multi-tasking motherhood, that’s easier said than done. You cannot get more than a simple haircut because other services, like getting your hair coloured could simply take longer than your time allows. Or maybe you want to go out for a leisurely cup of coffee but have no option but to bring the kids with you. Here are three simple ideas for multi-tasking Greenslopes mums who want to get some of that elusive me-time in whilst still spending quality time with their kids.

Multi-tasking task #1 : Salon Date + Play Date

Lavelle Hair Workroom, a boutique salon at 82 Dunellan Street, will take care of your locks whilst the kids stay in the playroom. This special room is full of toys for kids of all ages and a range of DVD’s available for use. You may also bring your children’s favourite DVD’s so they will be entertained whilst you get your hair done.

Aside from the playroom, parents may reserve the private room equipped with free WiFi. It’s ideal for mums who wish to multitask for group bookings for girls night, mother groups, baby showers, and weddings.

Multi-tasking task #2 : Mum’s Caffeine Fix + Kids’ Brunch

The Monkey Bar Cafe along Victoria Terrace lets you sip your coffee peacefully or schedule a quick catch-up with a friend whilst the kids play in the huge playground right next to the cafe. They also have breakfast options for children, with choices like the mini pancake stack and mini fruit bowl. They serve lunch that children will love, like Ham and Cheese Toastie and Fish “N” Chips.

Multi-tasking task #3 : Fitness Walk + QT with Kids

Photo credit: Google Street View

For a family-friendly getaway, there’s the Thompson Estate Reserve at Juliette Street with great park facilities and safe bike paths. It is a nice place to relax and explore nature in a busy city with the family, getting in some quality time with the kiddos whilst scoring some fitness points in the great outdoors.