Greens’ Launch Party with Live Music Will Kick Off @ Greenslopes Bowls Club

Victor Huml, Greens Queensland’s candidate for Greenslopes, will be hosting the “Greens for Greenslopes Campaign Launch Party” at the Greenslopes Bowls Club. The party will kick off at 6:00 p.m. until midnight on 8th of July. It will be a night of great music and fun activities with themed games and photo booth.


The Music Line Up

Main Room DJ Room
The Flangipanis Boss Sounds
The Cutaways Nowhere to Run
Plan of Attack The Yard
Hound DJ Honey
Dead Ringers
Acoustic set by Jud Campbell


What is Queensland Greens?

Greens Volunteer with Victor Huml
(Photo credit: Victor Huml, The Greens candidate for Greenslopes/Facebook)

Although there is a great music line-up, the highlight of the launch party is the talk with Victor Huml, the Greens Queensland Candidate for Greenslopes.

Queensland Greens, founded in September 1991, focuses on the preservation of nature, its life forms and natural processes. Guided by principles of non-violence, social justice, grass-roots democracy, and ecological sustainability, it is affiliated with Greens Australia and other worldwide parties.


Green Electricity

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As one of the candidates for Queensland Greens, Victor Huml aims to provide positive changes on housing affordability, renters’ rights, and affordable and clean electricity, similar to China’s Panda Power Plant.

The Panda Power Plant is a solar plant that will bring clean electricity and promote sustainable development among China’s young people. It has a capacity to bring 100 MW of electricity, enough to minimise carbon emissions.

Photo credit: Victor Huml, The Greens candidate for Greenslopes/Facebook

“… Which Australian animals would you like featured if Queensland built similar solar plants?” — Victor Huml, the Greens candidate for Greenslopes

To know about the essential information and proposals you can gain at the Greenslope’s campaign’s launch party, visit the event page or Victor Huml’s Facebook page.