New Italian Restaurant At Woolloongabba Brings Back ’70s Trattoria Vibe

Check out this new Italian restaurant in Woollongabba, a must-try for its delicious Tuscan menu and its curated menu of over 10 different kinds of negroni, all served with a ‘70s-inspired trattoria vibe.

The 110-seat capacity Sasso Italiano is the brainchild of Vincent Lombino and  Jared Thibault, two big names in the hospitality business.

Amalfi Coast-born Head Chef Gabriele Di Landri — whose former employers include Dolphin Hotel, Chiswick Restaurant, and Aria — is at the helm of the the open-plan kitchen and works alongside Chef Ian Curley to come up with a mouthwatering menu that will delight Italian cuisine-loving diners.

Sasso Italiano’s menu is definitely designed for sharing. The old school menu includes pasta, salads, a charcuterie selection, exciting sizzling grill options, plus some sumptuous crudo. There is also an array of pizzas, made fresh from a specially designed Marana Forni wood-fired oven which sports a deck made out of Mount Vesuvius lava stone.

Photo credit:  Sasso Italiano / Facebook

Starters include Burrata with bagna cauda, wakame, and capers bread crumble and Polpette (braised pork and beef, sugo, and basil). Or try their Crudo plates — which includes Appellation Oysters and Yellow Fin Tuna Tartare.

Or why not feast on these Charcuterie options instead: Mortadella,  Prosciutto Parma, and Salsiccia Sarda Piccante. And if you fancy some pasta, your choices include Rigatoni Amatriciana, Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe, Mafaldine, Raviolone, Tagliolini al Nero,  and seafood-laden Linguine Marinara.

Photo credit: Linguine Marinara – Sasso Italiano / Facebook

For the main course, they offer Tuscan Steak (dry-aged hanger steak with marrow butter and summer herb salad); Pork Cotoletta served with red pickled onion, pecorino and watercress; Half Roast Chicken on mediterranean dressing with cherry tomatoes and fragrant herbs; Tomorrow’s Fish of the Day garnished with burnt lemon and broadleaf rocket; and Bistecca alla Fiorentina served with fresh lemon, rosemary, and salt flakes.

Photo credit: Bistecca alla Fiorentina – Sasso Italiano / Facebook

Lastly, their drinks showcase a curated selection, courtesy of Bar Impresario and Managing Partner Jared Thibault, ranging from natural wines to cocktails. There are over 10 different kinds of negroni on the menu, including the Classic Negroni, Vintage Birthday Negroni, and Umami White Negroni. There’s even a specially designed Sasso Italiano beer, Birra Cazino. That’s one of the first Italian-style lagers brewed in Australia, courtesy of Aether Brewing.

Photo credit: Sasso Italiano /