Yoga for Teens Workshops in Greenslopes Promise to Teach Skills for Life

Teens can enrol at Yoga Sanctuary Brisbane’s yoga for teens workshops scheduled from the 18th to 20th of December from 1:00 pm. to 3:00 p.m. The whole series of workshops costs $90 but an option to just pay $35 per session is available.

Credit: Yoga Sanctuary Brisbane Facebook

Adolescence is a very challenging time for teenagers. It is the period where they suddenly do not want to be treated like children, yet are being restricted from exploring the life fully as the adult that they have yet to be. Adolescents typically struggle with both physical and psychological changes that can be disorienting. It is also the time of many discoveries and experimentations with their identities and sexualities. School can be tough as they experience peer pressure and grapple with curiosity about having a romantic partner.

The Yoga for Teens Workshops promises to empower teens, impart to them the skills for life, and help them to peacefully transition to the adolescent years. It will guide them through managing stress and anxiety, which hopefully can prevent them from suffering depression that is very common at their age. At the end of the sessions, teenagers will hopefully find a deeper connection to sense of self and find a renewed self-esteem.

“Learning a discipline of self study at this age is so beneficial and valuable to support and help us with whatever life has in store. Yoga teaches Teens to stay centred in the midst of change and to stay calm and focused in the midst of distraction” – Yoga Sanctuary Brisbane

The workshop will be facilitated by teacher Jill Shaw-Feather who has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years, here and abroad. Former students have described her as compassionate and with a calming presence. She specialises in mindful movement, breath and intention practice, as well as how to surrender into the healing of yoga Nidra.

Yoga for Teens Workshop is to be held at 53 Old Cleveland Road, Greenslopes