Stones Corner Library Presents Superhero Writing Workshop for Kids

Do you often observe your children engaging in pretend-play, involving superhero characters as well as their antagonists? If so, this is the right kind of workshop to unleash those story writing potentials emanating within your children.

Stones Corner Library is hosting a Superhero Writing Workshop on the 11th of January from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Kids aged seven to 12 years old will be taught story writing skills to build their own superhero story. They will be trained to flesh out their characters’ super action powers as well as create personalities to their imagined super villains.

The workshops is also best for kids who show an active imagination and are eternally curious, particularly those who display inclination  towards the humane and saving qualities of superheroes. If your child’s daily play involves making-up characters and scenarios that make them capable of saving the world, or if they often pretend that they possess the powers of their favourite superhero characters, then this workshop is for them. It will help them put those thoughts into words, those imagination and concepts into actionable reality.

Credit: Photo credit: CCO Public Domain / The Virtual Denise / Pixabay

The Superhero Writing Workshop will be facilitated by Karen Tyrrell, author of the Song Bird Superhero series and The Battle of Bug World Song Bird 2.

Ms Tyrrell is a Brisbane-based award-winning author of books that empower both children and grown-ups. Aside from being an author, she is also a teacher who has received numerous awards, grants, and sponsorships from the Society of Editors Queensland. She recently won an Arts Queensland grant for a book that is going to be published in 2018.

Ms Tyrrell’s writing style is known to have the perfect combination of humour and compassion. Her Song Bird Series and The Battle of Bug World have been favourites among kids and kids-at-heart for their positive messages of believing in oneself, overcoming disabilities, girl power, and discussions involving STEM.

The workshop is free but bookings are required to reserve a spot for your kids. Reservations can be done through calling the Stones Corner Library at 07 3403 2170. For more information, click here.

Stones Corner Library is at 280 Logan Road, Greenslopes