3-Hour Street Parking Limit, Resident Parking Permits Could be Adopted in Greenslopes

Regulated parking, including a three-hour parking restriction, could soon be adopted in some of the busiest streets in Greenslopes to ease traffic in the area. Have your say on the proposal before it’s implemented!

Under the Greenslopes Parking Study, which was conducted and reviewed in 2021, the proposed parking scheme will include not just a three-hour parking limit but also open applications for residents to secure a Resident Parking Permit and a Visitor Parking Permit. 

The permits carry a minimal fee of $16.25 but future residents of multi-unit dwellings could be restricted from applying for permits as well, whilst the use of public transport will be encouraged. 

According to Council, residents have raised concerns about the volume of vehicles in street parking areas, especially around the Greenslopes Private Hospital, the Greenslopes State School, and Club Greenslopes. Customers of local businesses along Logan Road, Ridge Street and Dunellen Street also generate a high demand for street parking.

The hospital has a paid parking facility for 300 vehicles with a maximum cost of $25. However, the space is not enough given the number of patients, staff, and visitors in and out of the area.

Currently, about 97.6 per cent of the off-street parking is unrestricted without any time limits. It was determined during the review that the average parking duration for 60 per cent of the vehicles is at three hours, 25 per cent are parked for three to nine hours, whilst 16 per cent park for 10 hours or more.

More than 80 per cent of motorists take up parking spaces along Denman Street, Headfort Street, Hunter Street, Newdegate Street and Nicholson Street, which are near the hospital. Given these demands, the review determined a need for parking time limits and permits. 

“If a 3-hour parking limit with resident permit exception is implemented in all unrestricted streets, vehicles parked for 3 to 9 hours (some 25% of all parked vehicles) would be displaced from streets,” Council stated. “The number of streets with high parking occupancy is dramatically reduced from the current situation at 9 AM, 12 PM and 3 PM.” 

Photo Credit: BCC

Greenslopes residents may submit their feedback via the online survey until Friday, 2 September.