Relive the 70s & 80s at Vindie Restaurant

Vindie Restaurant, tucked away in an unexpected spot at 389 Cornwall Street, is a retro-style eatery that evokes memories of Brisbane’s suburban dining scene from the 70s and 80s.

Photo Credit: Vindie

Stepping into Vindie feels like entering a time capsule, with its split-level brick walls, carpeted floors, and charming decor. Guests are warmly greeted by the chef, whose global culinary expertise shines through in every dish, and his gracious wife, the Maitre’D.

Photo Credit: Vindie

The menu is a fusion of East-meets-West, offering a delightful array of starters such as the famed spring rolls, crispy chicken wings, and smoked salmon. Mains boast an eclectic mix—from pan-fried salmon in lemon cream sauce to comforting classics like lamb or beef pie and pasta napolatana.

Chef Subra
Photo Credit: Vindie

Vindie’s specials showcase Chef Subra’s creative prowess, featuring dishes like confit beef in homemade gravy, BBQ pork ribs, and lamb shanks in mint gravy. Every sauce and gravy is meticulously homemade, adding a personal touch to each meal.

BBQ Pork Ribs
Photo Credit: Vindie
Slow-Cooked Lamb Shank in Mint Gravy
Photo Credit: Vindie

The restaurant extends its warm hospitality to families, ensuring that children aged 12 and under have their own menu. Options range from fish & chips to pasta, ensuring a delightful experience for young diners.

Sides complement the comprehensive mains, offering homemade mashed potato, chips, garden salad, and seasonal sautéed greens. The attention to detail in every dish reflects the dedication to providing a memorable dining experience

Cap off the meal with tantalising desserts like the house cheesecake, velvety panna cotta, or indulgent chocolate fondant. Classic ice cream choices—strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla—with various toppings, complete the sweet offerings.

Vindie Restaurant stands as a testament to culinary craftsmanship, inviting Greenslopes residents on a journey of flavours that harmoniously blend the essence of the past with the vibrancy of the present. It’s a haven where warm hospitality meets delectable fusion cuisine, leaving an indelible mark on every palate.

For bookings, you may call 07 3857 1634, e-mail through, or reach them through their Instagram account @vindierestaurant.

Published 9-January-2024