Proposed Retail Centre Next to Boggo Road Gaol Attracts Strong Opposition

A new mixed-use commercial and retail centre next to Boggo Road Gaol could rise, should a development application by Stockwell Development Group be approved. However, this DA is attracting some strong opposition from people in the neighbourhood barely a month since it was lodged.

The proposal calls for two-storey buildings consisting of retail space at the ground level and commercial space at the first level. It will provide a total of 163 car parking spaces and 12 bicycle spaces. 

Detailed plan (Photo Credit:

Located at 21 Boggo Road and 41 Boggo Road in Dutton Park, “Boggo Road Boulevard” will only be 150 metres away from  the proposed Boggo Road Cross River Rail station. There will be two access locations via Boggo Road and another one via Peter Doherty Street.

Reasons for Opposition

Locals living within the vicinity are raising their concerns to the proposed development. The number one concern of residents is the amount of car parking spaces proposed in the area, which is already suffering heavy congestion. 

A resident argued that the over-provision of car parking spaces and lack of priority for public and active transport mean this DA should not be approved in its current form.

Some residents raised the issue of the development’s proximity to the heritage-listed Boggo Road Gaol, an Australian prison located on Annerley Road in Dutton Park. Designs prepared by Buchan shows the buildings will have access and views to Boggo Road Gaol.

“Given this is a heritage listed area and contains critical elements of our past, I can’t believe the consideration to develop comes to mind,” one resident said, highlighting that it will weaken the heritage value of the gaol.

Boggo Road Gaol (Photo Credit: Kgbo/Wikimedia Commons)

The 1976 and 1987/88 tower and detention units adjoining the eastern side of the Boggo Road Gaol will need to be demolished to facilitate the development. Although the detention units need to be removed, the developer insists that no other part of the Boggo Road Gaol is proposed to be demolished or impacted by the proposed development.

Other issues raised include its non-maintenance to the pedestrian and bicycle movement through the corridor between the Eco-Sciences building and the Gaol as well as use of public space.

For further information about the proposed mixed-use commercial and retail centre in Dutton Park, see Full DA – A005260979.