Teenager To Represent Greenslopes in the Upcoming September Parliament

There’s a new MP for Greenslopes and she’s a teenager. A 17-year old Loreto College student, Phoebe Reid-Smith, has been selected to be the new Youth Member for Greenslopes at the upcoming 22nd YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament on the 24th to 30th of September this year.

Phoebe had gained a lot of support, particularly from Joe Kelly, the State MP for Greenslopes, who is now looking forward to hearing Phoebe’s recommendations. It will be a busy year for Phoebe. She says the Youth Parliament inspired her to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a lawyer and helped her as she forays into youth politics.

“The YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament is a unique opportunity for young people like Phoebe to be a voice for their community, learn about Queensland’s democratic process, share ideas and debate bills … I would like to congratulate Phoebe on being selected as the Youth Member for Greenslopes and I look forward to hearing the recommendations they make to help shape the future for themselves, their communities and Queensland,” Joe Kelly said.


YMCA QLD Youth Parliament

(Photo credit: www.ymcaqyp.org)

The YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament is an opportunity for the region’s youth, anyone between 15-25 years old, to get involved in creating positive changes for Queensland, while enhancing their leadership skills and public speaking abilities. Young volunteers from the previous Youth Parliaments were trained and licensed by YMCA Brisbane. They worked together to organise the program each year, from March to October, making it a program organised by the youth, for their fellow youth.

In January of each year, Youth Members are selected from nominations. This year, Phoebe and 92 others were selected as this year’s Youth Members. Out of 93 Youth Members, four slots are specifically assigned to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representatives for strong indigenous voices.


Getting Started

The first meeting was held during Launch Weekend in April of this year. Youth Members split into different committees, each with an assigned mentor, and discussed the issues and topics that will be covered in the parliament debate on September. The 93 Youth Members were divided into two teams: the sponsoring team responsible for writing the Bill, and the refuting team responsible for writing amendments. Phoebe and the other Youth Members are now busy brainstorming and discussing with their mentors.

Participation in the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament is not free. The cost of the participation for each Youth Member will cover 5-star accommodation, meals, and transport between Camp North Pine and QLD Parliament House. Although it does not cover other transport expenses, Youth Members can seek reimbursement from YMCA. Traditionally, Federal & State Members of Parliament, clubs, and private institutions also sponsor participation costs for their selected youth.

Let’s see what our Youth Members are passionate about.

Updates and info about the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament along with a list of the bills that previous batches of youth have passed can be viewed on their website or their Facebook page.