Donate, Play, and Have Fun at Greenslopes’ Hanlon Park

Sunday is family day! Sales and marketing company Taylored Enterprises is proud to organise a day of family fun and sports for a cause on Sunday, the 1st of October, at the Hanlon Park. Arrive anytime between 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and be ready to get physical!

Taylored Enterprises will bring the community together for bonding and fun. Everything is FREE. There will be free games for the children that will keep them busy all day. Hungry? No worries, even the food is free (and healthy, too!).

There’s a catch, but it’s a noble one. Just don’t forget to pack some pre-loved clothes and toys. This family fun day is for a good cause and that is to help the unprivileged kids and young families in Brisbane. Bring usable clothes and toys, or donate cash, if you want to help.

The goal of this event is to produce $10,000 cash donations, five trash bags of clothes, and five boxes of toys. All of the proceeds will be given to the Brisbane Youth Service and ACT for Kids.


Brisbane Youth Service

Photo credit: Brisbane Youth Service/ Facebook

The Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) is an organisation that supports homeless and disadvantaged young people, and young parents and their children. They provide emergency support to the youth that will address their basic needs in times of crisis, health services that cover both physical and mental issues, and endless support to young women and young parents.

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The homeless youth of today strongly needs support. BYS is a registered Tier 3 housing provider under the National Regulatory System – Community Housing. They help homeless youth, especially young families, find safe and stable shelter.

BYS understands that sometimes, young people may find it difficult to voice out their needs to the government. BYS stands firm to their advocacy to support these young people who are having legal issues and other circumstances that are under the justice system.

There are numerous ways on how you can get involved, such as volunteering and donating. Visit their website to learn how you can help.


ACT for Kids

Photo credit: Act for Kids/Facebook

ACT for Kids has been providing free therapeutic support to children and families since 1988. They address child abuse and neglect in Australia. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare – Child Protection Australia, there were 42,457 children that were abused and neglected in just a period of one year.

There are different types of child abuse — physical, emotional, and sexual. Neglect happens when the basic needs of a child are not met, affecting their well-being. The impacts of emotional abuse and neglect are just as damaging as the impacts of the physical abuse. The most powerful actions that everyone should do to help these damaged children are listening and supporting.

Photo credit: Act for Kids/Facebook

ACT for Kids has different services that will help the children and their families. Their main priority is to enhance a child’s well being who experienced trauma or at risk of harm. Parents and family members who feel that they’re falling apart should also be supported.

These services are made possible by the community who lends a hand to the organisation. Visit their website to know more about child abuse and how you can help.

Greenslopes, it’s time to make a stand. Your help matters. Visit the event page for more details on how you can lend a hand to these organisations.