Stones Corner App Revolutionises Surgical Data Recording for Medical Sector in Queensland

A Stones Corner-based company Surgery TV Pty Ltd is at the forefront of medical innovation, developing a groundbreaking app and cloud-based surgical data recording software platform.

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This pioneering venture has been awarded a substantial grant as part of the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund.

In a recent announcement, Innovation Minister Leanne Linard revealed that 56 small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) would receive a share of $5.5 million in funding. Among them is the Stones Corner-based firm, which was recognised for its innovative approach to transforming surgical procedures through advanced data recording and analysis.

Surgery TV Pty Ltd

Surgery TV Pty Ltd is an Australian-based media production company that specialises in creating and distributing high-quality, educational content focused on surgical procedures and medical practices. The company aims to provide valuable resources for medical professionals, students, and the general public interested in the intricacies of surgical techniques and advancements in medical technology.

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Surgery TV Pty Ltd produces a variety of programming, including live broadcasts of surgeries, detailed instructional videos, interviews with leading surgeons, and documentaries that explore the latest developments in the field of surgery. The company’s content is designed to be both informative and accessible, making complex medical procedures understandable to a broad audience.

Through partnerships with hospitals, medical schools, and professional organisations, Surgery TV Pty Ltd ensures that its content is accurate, up-to-date, and reflective of current best practices in medicine. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and high production standards, the company has established itself as a trusted source of surgical education and an important contributor to the global medical community.

The Ignite Ideas Fund, now in its eleventh round, distributed $3.3 million among 26 businesses, acknowledging their high-growth potential and commitment to commercialising groundbreaking products and services.

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The funding will also support projects like ‘You After X,’ a mobile app designed to assist women navigating separation or divorce, and ‘Clean&Recover,’ an initiative aimed at helping mining companies repurpose waste streams into valuable assets.

Additionally, the inaugural Ignite Spark Programme funding round will allocate $2.2 million to 30 innovative enterprises. This support will enable them to further develop their prototypes and move closer to bringing their products to market. Among the recipients are ‘Attunga,’ a tethered drone designed to enhance rural communication networks, and a project focused on developing ultraviolet water sterilisation devices for health and aged care facilities.

Ignite Spark Program inaugural funding round recipients

15 Times BetterIgniting And Scaling First Nations’ EngagementBrinsmead$75,000
Aamber Software Pty LtdAcademic Electronic Medical Record and Simulation Platform for Health EducationBrookfield$74,800
AirBridge Networks Pty LtdARNI-Emergency Communications Infrastructure Benefitting Australians in Remote LocationsSmithfield$75,000
Carbonaught Pty LtdA Platform to Carbon Neutralise QLD AgricultureBrisbane City$74,800
Convergence Medical Pty LtdThe World’s First Arthroscopic Surgical RobotNewstead$55,100
D3 Genetics Pty LtdPrecision Management for Agriculture using D3 Genetics PlatformOxley (Recipient HQ)St Lucia (project location)$75,000
DefenceX Pty LtdAI Enabled Edge Data Recorder (Military, Ground Applications)Fortitude Valley$75,000
Defining Future Solutions Pty LtdIntegrated Smart Downlight and Smoke Alarm System with App ConnectivityParkwood$75,000
Everlast Networks Pty LtdSingle-Use Encrypted Connections for Trusted and Heavily Secured CommunicationsNoosa Heads$75,000
Finn Biogas Pty LtdSmall-Scale FOGO Composting System For Remote and Regional Communities.Sumner$75,000
G S Sturman and M SturmanCarbon Dioxide to Ethylene Electrochemical Device for Producing Carbon-Neutral FuelsEast Barron$75,000
Genics Pty LtdGenics Shrimptracker – Advancing Shrimp Health and Breeding Program ManagementSt Lucia$75,000
integratedPRIVATE Pty LtdCloud Platform for Project And Retention TrustsFortitude Valley$75,000
Intelligent Software Design Pty LtdHazviewCaloundra West$73,950
Legacy Habitats Pty LtdCost-Effective Artificial Reef Modules for Ecosystem Enhancement and Coastal ProtectionBurleigh Heads$72,500
Mirragin Project Isidore Pty LtdAirborne Cellular Repeater for Emergency and Temporary Communications InfrastructureBrisbane City$75,000
New Building Solutions Pty LtdInnovative Wall Construction for Single and Multi-Residential BuildingsNoosa$74,938
Paile Solutions Pty LtdPAILE – Win First Clients!Daisy Hill$,650
Pathmaster Pty LtdAbove-Ground, Modular Travelator: the Future of Sustainable Urban MovementHope Island (Recipient HQ)Northgate (project location)$75,000
Rain Harvesting Pty LtdModular, Variable Rainwater Filter for any Rainwater Collection System GloballyMilton$75,000
Rainstick Pty LtdRainstick Mimics Lightning to Germinate Seeds and Increase Food ProductionSmithfield$75,000
Repurpose Recycling Pty LtdTextile Recycling Plant – MicroniserLuscombe$75,000
Resilience Design & Build Pty LtdEVGLE: Autonomous, Solar Powered Awning To Charge EVs & ESBrisbane City$75,000
Specialist Airway Solutions Pty LtdD-FLECT Bougie: a Steerable Introducer for Tracheal IntubationSeven Hills$74,966
Surgery TV Pty LtdApp and Cloud-Based (Medical) Surgical Data Recording Software PlatformStones Corner (Recipient HQ)Brisbane City (Project location)$74,824
The Research & Development Company Pty LtdDevelopment of Australia’s First Dual-Purpose Hydraulic Rock Mining Drill System.Mount Isa$74,250
The Trustee for Trikids Family TrustUVC Water Sterilisation DevicesRobina$75,000
Think Logic Pty LtdIntelligent Earth Fault Detection DeviceCorinda$66,025
Valiant Space Pty LtdSmall In-Space Thrusters for CubesatsTennyson$75,000
Will Surety Pty LtdPrototype Modifications, Industry Compliance Integration and TestingVarsity Lakes$75,000

Minister Linard highlighted the government’s commitment to assisting these innovators in developing and commercializing their products as he expressed pride in the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit displayed by Queenslanders. The Ignite programme already plays a significant role in job creation across the state and represents a substantial investment in Queensland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Selina Millers, founder of ‘You After X,’ expressed gratitude for the funding, stating that it marks a pivotal moment in the app’s development. The financial support will enable the company to expand its reach, assisting more women across Queensland and beyond in navigating the challenges of separation or divorce. 

Millers emphasised that the app’s POWERHOUSE Method equips users with practical tools and emotional support, empowering them to thrive during this difficult transition.

Applications for the next rounds of both funding programmes are now open, encouraging further innovation and entrepreneurial endeavours in Queensland.

Published Date 12-June-2024