Newtons Home Appliances in Greenslopes Provides Free Cooking Workshops

In support of customers who are either looking to purchase kitchen appliances but have not figured out exactly what they need, or have already purchased equipment but still grapple on how to use them, Newtons Home Appliances is conducting free, regular cooking workshops. These free demonstrations also introduce many types of kitchen appliances and highlight the latest technology in kitchen equipment today.

The free cooking demonstrations are held monthly, facilitated by VZug, Asko, and AEG. Each of the product demonstrations is presented by Newtons Home Appliances’ in-house chef and is designed to help customers choose which product is best suited to the customers’ lifestyle. The products being used during the cooking demonstration include built-in ovens, steam ovens, and induction and gas cooktops among others.

VZug is a Swiss brand which promises to provide high-quality and innovative household appliances.

AEG from Germany claims that its history can be traced as far as 1882, when Emil Rathenau acquired licenses to use some of Thomas Edison’s lamp patents.

Asko Appliances, meanwhile, is a Swedish company specialising in the manufacturing of refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines.

Newtons Home Appliances has been servicing Queensland families for more than 60 years. The centre’s business model allows it to offer world-class brands at lower prices by cooperating with manufacturers to supply units that are ex-display, superseded, and with minor defects. These appliances, despite their provenance, come with Australian compliance and warranties to assure customers that they are still getting good quality products.

Newtons Home Appliances is located at 443-445 Logan Road,
Stones Corner, Greenslopes