New Electric Barbecue in Hanlon Park Amidst a Wood-Fired Barbecue Phase Out

Hanlon Park has a new electric barbecue for Stones Corner visitors to use and enjoy amidst the phase-out of wood-fired barbecues across many Brisbane parks.

The replacements, however, have drawn complaints from some councillors who said that the removal of wood-fired barbecues could spell the end of an Australian tradition. 

Reports cited that at least 300 wood-fired barbecues have been removed from Brisbane parks and replaced with either gas or electric varieties. However, the replacements have not been enough to keep pace with losses. 

Cr Nicole Johnston also said that sausage sizzles taste better when grilled on a wood-fired rather than an electric or gas barbecue. She has been waiting for new barbecue equipment for her ward in Fairfield and claimed the request has been on the list for 12 years. 

The complaints also cited that barbecue equipment across the parks is down to 288 from 410 in nearly a decade. Whilst Council has been spending for park improvements, barbecue equipment is not a priority on some of the parks.

However, per the Council’s official site, the facilities are available at over 420 parks and reserves but some electric equipment could be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance. 

Cr Tracy Davis, the parks chairperson, said that the removal of wood-fired barbecues was asked by the locals who didn’t want to carry logs to the parks or ensure that the fires don’t put out whilst they were still having a barbecue. She also said that some parks also have cooking plates.