Brisbane Tigers To Reopen Newly Revamped Langlands Park Stadium

Brisbane Tigers
Artist’s impression of Langlands Park’s redevelopment (Photo credit:

After more than a year of work, the revamped Totally Workwear Stadium at Langlands Park, the home of Brisbane Tigers, will finally reopen soon.

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The newly transformed boutique stadium, which will be able to seat up to 4,000 spectators will reopen in April 2023. 

The historic venue has been given a $10 million revamp as part of the rugby club’s plans to earn an NRL licence in the near future. The team was disappointed after failing to secure the 17th team licence. Still, they have high hopes to become the 18th NRL team. 

Brisbane Tigers
The stadium before the redevelopment (Photo credit:

With the new Totally Workwear Stadium, the Brisbane Tigers will be given an opportunity to train and play on a first-class playing surface whilst utilising their back-of-house facilities. Meanwhile, guests including their sponsors will be able to comfortably watch the matches.

Works for Langlands Park also involved relocating the 1933 pavilion on the site and building a two-storey building with modern facilities such as a 45-seat theatre, corporate suites, media rooms and administration offices.

The 1933 pavilion, which is on the heritage list and was once the change rooms for the Eastern Suburbs Cricket Club, has been moved between the heritage grandstand and the current scoreboard. 

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Brisbane Tigers
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“The provision of a first-class training and playing facilities at Totally Workwear Stadium will complement the Langlands Park sporting precinct, which will include swimming pools and a 24-7 commercial gymnasium,” the Brisbane Tigers stated in its website.

“The redevelopment of the grounds is extremely important for the club and the community. The current change rooms were constructed in the 1960’s and 1980’s and have served the community well for over 60 years but are now needing of an upgrade to state and national level competition standard.”

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Beyond the sports facilities, guests can expect a new canteen, an espresso bar, and a merchandise shop located on the new single-story building on the western side of the grounds.

Totally Workwear Stadium is anticipated to become a great facility not just for rugby league but also for competition games throughout Queensland, school competitions and carnivals, local games and finals, and other sports and events of the community.

Published 27-March-2023