Greenslopes Kerbside Collections 2018 Commences on 26th February

The time of the year when everyone can responsibly get rid of their unwanted items has come once again. For Greenslopes, the day of reckoning will happen on 26th February.

During kerbside collection day, Brisbane City Council allows residents to place their items by the kerb the weekend before the collection date. Make sure to have the items out by 6:00 a.m. on that weekend.

It is extremely important to take note that the council will only collect household items that are too big for wheelie bins.

Rubbish bins are collected weekly, recycling bins and green waste bins fortnightly. Any items that belong in these categories will not be collected during Kerbside Collections. Fines also apply for anyone found guilty of throwing away non-compliant items.

Here is the list of accepted and unaccepted items for Kerbside collections for everyone’s guidance:

Credit: Brisbane City Council

The annual Kerbside event is a great opportunity to de-clutter. But, the challenge has always been to know what to throw away. The Brisbane City Council may have listed items that are acceptable and unacceptable. Still, many people have been reported as guilty of illegal dumping.

Previous collections in other suburbs have seen people throwing away “illegal” items. For instance, a freezer full of rotting food has been found at the kerb in one extreme instance. There have also been instances where paint tins, cooking oil, chemicals like asbestos were found.

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To avoid mistakes, everyone is advised to download Council’s free Brisbane Bin and Recycling app. Keep the push notifications enabled so significant reminders will be sent anytime that Kerbside Collection nears. The app can be downloaded from the App store, Google Play, and Microsoft app store.

Everyone is also encouraged to double check the items as there are other resource recovery options, particularly with items that can still be of use. Large appliances that are still in usable condition, for example, can be donated to charities. The same goes for clothes and other kitchenware.

To know about the charitable institutions that accept these items, click here.