Greenslopes Librarian Says Kids Reading More During Lockdown

Photo Credit: semslibrarylady/Pixabay

Nearly 100,000 books were checked out from Brisbane libraries two days before the closure announcement due to COVID-19 lockdown and Greenslopes State School librarian Wendy Pierce said that reading activities among the children saw a sharp rise during this pandemic crisis.

The Council revealed that checkouts were at 405 percent in recent months and Ms Pierce said that more and more children were willing to read “challenging books” as they were confined indoors. The kids also received parental influence and guidance in choosing what books to read. 

Among the popular choices were children’s classics like “Secret Garden,” “Treasure Island” and “Peter Pan.”

Photo Credit: 2020 Premier Reading Challenge/Facebook

In line with nurturing the children’s love for books, the Premier’s Reading Challenge’s (PRC) registration is now open for young bookworms from prep to Year 9.

To join, register as a group or as individuals and then download the book list. With the help of their parents/guardians and teachers, participants must record the books they finish in the form to be submitted to the PRC.   

This event is not a competition but it’s a way to help the children develop an enriching habit. Two lucky students who complete the challenge may get a chance to win a literacy workshop for their school, while eight kids could also win $500 book vouchers.

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