Greenslopes Private Hospital Cancer Program Gets Support from Teal Hearts

Ovarian cancer survivor Janet Hooper organised a fundraising event February 4 in an effort to spread awareness about ovarian cancer.

Dubbed ‘Teal Hearts: An Evening at Tattersalls,’ the charity event supported the Cancer Wellness Program of Greenslopes Private Hospital.

As an ovarian cancer survivor, Mrs. Hooper knows all too well how little information is available to people with ovarian cancer. She admits that her knowledge about ovarian cancer was very limited until she found out she had the disease.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer are difficult to detect, so Mrs Hooper is hoping that the event will help disseminate information about the disease.

Greenslopes Private Hospital will benefit from the ovarian cancer fundraising event.

Half of the proceeds from the fundraising event will go to Ovarian Cancer Australia and the other half will be given by the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation to the Greenslopes Private Hospital Cancer Wellness Program.

The charity event will help support women who are fighting ovarian cancer. It is Mrs. Hooper’s hope that soon, medical researchers will develop a screening test for early detection of the disease.

Want to know more about ovarian cancer and how you can help? Visit the Ovarian Cancer Australia website to find out more or to make a donation.

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