Hospital Veteran Jamie Bedson Leaves Entire Estate to Princess Alexandra Research Foundation

Jamie Bedson

Jamie Bedson, a medical records administrator who has worked at Princess Alexandra Hospital for 23 years, has made the extraordinary decision to leave his entire estate to the Princess Alexandra Research Foundation.

Describing his decision as an easy one, Mr Bedson cited the hospital as more than just a workplace but a community and family and he made this decision because he wants to support medical breakthroughs and enhance the lives of patients. 

“I’m on my own and I’ve got no family. I’ve got friends, but no one that I really want to give the money to,” he said. “I thought, who can I give it to? So that’s why I went straight to the foundation.”

The loyal administrator acknowledged that he had considered the hospital’s impact on his life and the lives of countless others during his long tenure. 

“Because I work in a hospital in medical records, I can understand the medical side of things and what people are going through in a hospital.” 

“People might be going through a smaller situation through to something more life-threatening, but regardless it is going to a good cause, and that’s what I’m happy about.”

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“If it’s going to help someone get an operation, or help someone with cancer, or maybe even cure someone through research, I’m happy to do that.”

Mr Bedson’s decision coincides with the Princess Alexandra Research Foundation‘s annual Giving Day fundraiser, which took place on 7 Sept 2023. Remarkably, all donations received on Giving Day, up to $10,000, were doubled, thanks to the generosity of matching donors.

Photo Credit: Princess Alexandra Foundation

This year, for the first time, the foundation allowed people to make donations to support patients and services at all Metro South hospitals, including QEII Jubilee, Redland, Logan, and Beaudesert hospitals. These contributions can be directed to various hospital departments, such as spinal injury rehabilitation, breast cancer research, or enhancing patient treatment areas. 

“People who choose to make a gift of any size and remember an organization after they’re gone is pretty humbling. It means we will be able to keep investing in our medical research and medical support at the hospital far beyond our own lifetimes,” said Damian Topp, the Foundation’s Chief Executive. 

Published 8-Sept-2023