Petrol Prices Up! Here’s Where Greenslopes Locals Can Get Them Lower

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Petrol prices are still high in Brisbane with an average price of 164.9 cents per litre (cpl) as of 7 July 2021. That’s down a bit from previous days, a trend which hopefully continues, but still higher than those in other capital cities in the country. Those looking for cheaper petrol can check out Caltex Woolloongabba at 118 Logan Rd where the price has held steady at the 136.5 cpl mark so far.

Shell Galloways Hill on Hawthorne Rd is at 157.9 cpl as of 6 July, while Bizzells Garage on Latrobe Terrace is at 159.9 cpl as of 5 July. 

However, 80 percent of service stations around Brisbane and the Gold Coast are selling unleaded petrol for more than 170 cpl, exceeding the all-time record high in December 2019. Below are the cheapest rates in Brisbane’s southeast as of  27 June to 7 July:

Source: RACQ Fair Fuel Finder

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith explains the reason for the high price, attributing the situation to a “triple whammy.”

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“We’re at the high point in the fuel cycle in SEQ, oil prices are at a two year high and retailers have retained unreasonably high retail margins,” Ms Smith said.

“During the pandemic servos had high indicative retail margins because so many people weren’t driving so fuel sales volumes were low – but now sales are back to normal the fact they’re still charging these exorbitant prices is frankly unfair,” she added.  

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In June, RACQ released a report citing that retail petrol prices will continue to tick upward in the coming months, with Brisbane residents paying more compared to locals at other capital cities in Australia. 

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Meanwhile, Smith recommends downloading RACQ Fair Fuel Finder app (Android or iOS) so the motorists can do a price comparison. A difference of a few cents will encourage retailers to keep their prices competitive. 

“If you’re unable to find a better deal in your area then top for now to get you through until prices the next cheap phase, which could take up to three weeks,” Ms Smith added. 

The Cost of Driving Your Car

Apart from the petrol price increase, the cost of driving a car in Brisbane is up by 1.7 percent on 1 July due to the increase in licence and registration fees.

“The cost of a five-year licence climbed to $187.10, while those driving a four-cylinder car will have to pay $399.55 per year to register their vehicle,” RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said. 

Motorists will also have to pay higher for use of toll roads and parking in Brisbane CBD. Per the Brisbane Consumer Price Index (BCPI), parking rates in Brisbane CBD have gone up six percent at $5.50 per hour. Ms Ritchie also warned that motorists who violate road rules are bound to pay higher penalties, which has increased across Queensland by 3.3 percent.

With these rising costs, Brisbane car owners are finding ways to save money where they can, such as patronising service stations with lower petrol rates.