Pioneering Prostate Cancer Treatment Hits 20-Year Milestone at Greenslopes Private Hospital

prostate cancer treatment
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Did you know that this year marks the 20th anniversary of a pioneering, minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of prostate cancer treatment at Greenslopes Private Hospital?

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The low-dose-rate (LDR) brachytherapy program was pioneered in 2003 by a dedicated team of specialists – Radiation Oncologist Associate Professor Kumar Gogna, Consultant Urologist Dr Glen Wood, and Medical Physicist Mr Adrian Gibbs.

Two decades later, this clinical trio still practises together at Greenslopes, having treated hundreds of prostate cancer patients over the years. Their collaboration and shared goal of supporting patient choice and offering evidence-based treatments continues to this day.

prostate cancer treatment
Photo credit: Tara Winstead/Pexels

As Mr Gibbs reflects, they were united 20 years ago under the common goal of providing another option for prostate cancer patients. Since then, they have worked together to treat many men with LDR brachytherapy.

What is LDR brachytherapy?

LDR brachytherapy involves inserting radioactive seeds directly into the prostate to target cancer cells with radiation whilst minimising damage to surrounding healthy tissue. At the time, it expanded the minimally invasive treatment possibilities for prostate cancer patients at Greenslopes and in Queensland.

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Australian men, with over 24,000 new cases annually. 

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prostate cancer treatment
Photo credit: Greenslopes Private Hospital/Facebook

Dr Wood emphasises that offering a full spectrum of care for patients living with prostate cancer remains a top priority for them at Greenslopes.

A/Prof Gogna adds that their team is proud to keep supporting Queenslanders in need, sharing knowledge about this important treatment, and mentoring other clinicians locally and abroad to establish their own LDR brachytherapy programs. Their expertise has been shared with colleagues in Townsville, Singapore, and Wollongong.

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The pioneering brachytherapy team reflects on the past 20 years of collaboration and innovation in minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment. Their patient-focused approach continues to make a positive impact at Greenslopes and beyond.

Published 25-July-2023