Proposed Towers Next To Stones Corner Roundabout Met With Opposition From Locals

stones corner roundabout
Photo credit: Google Street View

A proposal to build four towers with over 600 private car parking slots right next to the Stones Corner Roundabout has been met with criticism from locals.

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Based on planning documents submitted to Brisbane City Council, the developers are seeking to establish these four towers which will be connected through a fully integrated ground plane plaza and will be built in two stages:

  • 28-storey multiple dwelling tower on the corner of Logan Road and O’Keefe Street
  • 26 storey purpose-built student accommodation tower, comprising three (3) podium levels and 23 tower level on the south-western portion of the site
  • Seven-storey residential care facility building at the northern part of the site
  • Seven-storey mixed-use commercial tower along Logan Road
stones corner
Photo credit: BCC

The DA (A005806443) has received a number of submissions from locals, who are mostly concerned about the additional traffic it might bring to the area, which is already considered one of the worst traffic hotspots in Brisbane.

The subject site, which is one of the largest parcels of land in Inner Brisbane owned by a private entity, is in proximity to a busway, and other infrastructure, as well as Buranda State School.

In their submissions to Council, locals agreed that the developers should redesign and upgrade the Logan Road and O’Keefe Street roundabout, to allow for extra traffic that will come with population growth. 

woods bagot
Artist’s impression of proposed development (Photo credit: Woods Bagot/BCC)

“It should be the developer’s duty to provide the infrastructure necessary for a new community to thrive. After all, ultimately, the better the development, the stronger its appeal and therefore, also, its selling power… The Council should not accept flawed, inferior proposals,” said one local in a submission to Council.

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Meanwhile, Greens MP for South Brisbane Amy McMahon is asking Council not to approve the development, unless the developers agree to pay to fix the roundabout and push for the development to be in line with Transport Oriented Development principles.

stones corner roundabout
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Ms McMahon said the developer doesn’t think they should have to pay to upgrade this intersection, despite the massive profits they’ll earn from this development.

Ms McMahon is also encouraging the community to take part and send a petition to Council to push the developer to pay to fix the roundabout, invest properly in active transport amenities, reduce the number of private car parks, and include public housing and community facilities.