Puppy Preschool with Positive Response Dog Training in Greenslopes

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Training a puppy as early as eight weeks of age is recommended to avoid potential behavioural problems. Luckily for paw-rents located in Greenslopes, Positive Response Dog Training has just the solution with a training location right in the neighbourhood.

Apart from having their first vaccination, dogs should be schooled during their formative stage, starting eight weeks of age, as this helps eliminate possible aggressive behavior or problems with socialisation in the future.

With locations in Thornlands, Cleveland, and Greenslopes, Positive Response Dog Training offers a variety of dog training services from Group Dog training to Personalised Individual training and other pet services.

Puppy training School (Part 1) for puppies 8-16 weeks is a 4-week training course that will help guide the owner and pup during the early stages in the dog’s development by establishing the foundations critical to developing its social and coping skills.

Each class runs for one hour and 15 minutes per week. Apart from basic obedience skills, the course also covers health and nutrition, socialisation, and behavioural issues like biting, mouthing, digging as well as toilet training and sleep settling.

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If your dog happens to have skipped this early baby pup training, you can still enroll your older dog — five months and older — to their Older Puppy and Adult Dog School (Part 1) course.  

All Ages (Parts 2 and 3) and Social (Part 4), on the other hand, provide continuing education with new materials and exercises to extend walking, recall, obedience, and socialisation skills as well as learn working with verbal and/or hand signal only commands.

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Throughout these training courses, Positive Response Dog Training will provide comprehensive online notes, week to week video tutorials, certificates of graduation, and telephone and email support.

Positive Response Dog Training sessions are conducted at Greenslopes Pet Café 589 Logan Road in Greenslopes. You can learn more about their services and pricing by visiting their official website here.

589 Logan Road, Greenslopes