Residents Object to Planned 24-Hour Greenslopes McDonald’s

Greenslopes McDonald's

Plans to build a 24-hour Greenslopes McDonald’s outlet have been met with strong objections from locals who believe that a fast food outlet will have an adverse impact on their neighbourhood.

DA A006025123, lodged in May 2022, proposes the construction of a fast food outlet along the corner of Logan Road and Plimsoll Street. The site is near the Greenslopes Mall and also close to other convenient fast food chains like KFC, Subway, Dominos and Pizza Hut. 

According to Cr Krista Adams, the location of Greenslopes McDonald’s is within the District Centre (Corridor) Zone, essentially allowing a food and drink outlet, retail, supermarket or service stations. The site has been part of CityPlan 2000’s higher-level multipurpose zone. Based on this, the DA is Code Assessable and does not require a community consultation for residents to raise their concerns, objections or appeals.  

Cr Adams also said that the Council’s planners have raised issues with the developer during the assessment period. The developer made changes to the designs after previous meetings with Council in 2021.

Despite this, locals have lodged more than 50 submissions to the development. Dr Dragan Talic, the owner of Greenslopes Family Practice (GFP) on Plimsoll Street, said that the McDonald’s plan is a major concern as it surrounds their property on three sides. 

“If the application is approved, not only will this have a significant impact of my business, and the ability of our practice to provide medical care to the community, it will also restrict my ability to develop the site in the future.”

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Dr Talic added that their clinic will become “an island among McDonald’s” and will also affect their elderly and disabled patients.

Photo Credit: DA A006025123

The “Don’t Let McDonald’s Trash our Neighbourhood Coalition” has also been campaigning against Greenslopes McDonald’s. Mr Bob Carnegie, the group’s spokesperson, said that proposal is not compliant with the code and their objections were initially dismissed by Council.

“It’s interesting that the removal of pre-1911 house on Logan Road would only benefit McDonald’s and there has been no regard for the ‘greater good’. It appears that character or heritage listings only matter when they don’t get in the way of developers and international big business,” Mr Carnegie said.

“There are MANY McDonald’s within a short drive of this development site,” said Kathryn Heyworth of the Greenslopes Neighbours Coalition. “McDonalds Australia has a plan to have EVERY house in a city within 3 minutes of Mcdonald’s! Looks like it is already a reality for 7 minute.” 

Most of the objections also cite traffic concerns given its location near the shopping centre. However, Greenslopes McDonald’s proposal includes 26 carparks and a space for 10 cars queued in the drive-through. The DA has an attached traffic study indicating that the road network will not have any disruptions coming from the fast food chain, even during peak hours.

Published 14 March 2023