New South City Square Complex in Woolloongabba Nears Completion

South City Square

The proposed South City Square complex on Logan Road, Woolloongabba is now one step closer to its final stages of development.

South City Square complex, designed by DBI Architects, is yet another step closer to the completion of its seven-stage development.

Stages 1, 2 and 3 are already operational. Construction works on Stage 4 (Central Square), which include the Hyatt Place Hotel, and Stage 5a are currently underway. Stages 5b and Stage 6 are not far behind.

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Stage 7 or ‘Hillyard House’ is situated at 148 Logan Road, Woolloongabba. It will involve the construction of Building 5, a 15-storey residential tower with a total of 152 apartments, ranging in size from one- to three-bedroom units. There will be 123 one-bedroom units, 28 two-bedroom units, and one (1) three-bedroom unit. 

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The main feature of Hillyard House is a 5,000-sqm public green space to be named the ‘Secret Garden.’ This area will include three play structures, stone steppers, water misters integrated into the play elements, and a diverse selection of plant species. 

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The tower will feature a curvaceous form with a ground-level link that will connect Central Square to the Secret Garden.

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Stage 7 is further subdivided into Stage 7a – comprising the podium, residential tower, and part of the ‘Secret Garden’ – and 7b – comprising the rest of the public garden.  A total of 188 car parking spaces will be provided within the basement level currently being constructed under Stage 4.

Moreover, a 254-sqm area consisting of retail space and rooftop amenities will be included. It will have a swimming pool, private and semi-private dining, a ‘high bar’ seating pod, and an artificially grassed area with a relaxation deck.

“The proposed development has been design-led, using a first principles design approach to ensure that the development responds to and takes advantage of the unique characteristics of the site, responds to orientation and climate, provides a subtropical design response and provides a building that is unique in its setting, delivering high quality design for the benefit of both future residents as well as the broader community,” the Urbis town planning report said.