Legacy Moves Headquarters to Greenslopes Hospital to Enhance Veteran Support

Legacy is relocating its head office to Greenslopes Private Hospital to support veterans undergoing treatment and to provide comprehensive assistance to their families

A troubling statistic revealed by the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research indicates a veteran contacts emergency services every 16 hours in Queensland due to suicidal thoughts. This data, forming part of the evidence for the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide, highlights a critical need for better support mechanisms.

Between 2014 and 2017, 1625 Queensland veterans had interactions with police or paramedics, showing a 24% higher likelihood of suicide-related contacts compared to civilians.

Legacy’s Response and New Initiatives

In response to these alarming figures, Legacy Brisbane is moving its headquarters and planning to construct Legacy House at the Greenslopes site. The new facility aims to be a sanctuary for veterans and their families, offering both clinical and non-clinical support to address the complex mental health consequences of military conflicts.

Brendan Cox, a 26-year veteran and the CEO of Legacy Brisbane, emphasised the need for community and governmental support to realise this vision.

The project, valued at $9 million, has successfully raised $8.3 million so far, with Legacy Brisbane spearheading the Bring it Home campaign to secure the remaining funds by Anzac Day. The community’s involvement is seen as pivotal in bringing this project to fruition, providing a lifeline to veterans and their families.

Dr. Annabel McGuire, the new president of Legacy Brisbane and the spouse of a Queensland war veteran, shared her personal experience to illustrate the everyday challenges faced by returning soldiers and their families. Her account of her husband’s struggle with post-traumatic stress after serving in Iraq underlines the profound impact of war on mental health and the dire need for accessible support networks.

Legacy Brisbane encourages the community to engage with and support the Bring It Home campaign, stressing the importance of such initiatives in providing crucial services to those affected by military service. 

Published 29-April-2024