Greenslopes Mum Diagnosed with Unnamed Rare Cancer

Greenslopes mum
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A Greenslopes mum originally believed she had fractured her foot but was instead diagnosed with an unnamed, extremely rare form of cancer.

Jacqueline Cooper, a resident of Greenslopes, initially mistook a growing lump on her foot as an injury from an everyday accident involving her young son. Believing the swelling resulted from something as simple as a dropped toy, Ms Cooper’s concern grew as the lump enlarged. 

Seeking answers, she visited a podiatrist who conducted multiple scans, which led to a referral to a specialist at the Wesley Hospital. It was there that she was diagnosed with a rare type of sarcoma in her right big toe, a cancer so uncommon that it has yet to be named.

The Wesley Hospital Brisbane
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Diagnosed in 2022, Cooper underwent a series of treatments, starting with chemotherapy that did not shrink the tumour, necessitating surgical intervention. This was followed by additional chemotherapy sessions.

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Now, a year and a half later, she celebrates being cancer-free but remains committed to raising awareness about her condition, especially during Sarcoma Awareness Month this July.

Ms Cooper is eager to share her story to enhance awareness and support for sarcoma and other rare cancers. She emphasises the importance of recognising the existence of support networks and resources available for those facing similar challenges. Ms Cooper’s experience highlights the emotional and medical journey faced by individuals diagnosed with rare cancers, underscoring the need for increased research and better support systems.

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Sarcoma, which comprises only 1% of adult cancers and accounts for 20% of childhood cancers, is often misdiagnosed due to its symptoms resembling sports injuries or growing pains. The rarity of such cancers means that treatment advancements are slow to develop, prompting healthcare professionals to advocate for more substantial awareness and research efforts. 

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Published 2-July-2024