Greenslopes Velobridge Among Highlights in $315 Million Active Transport Boost

Greenslopes Velobridge
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Queensland’s latest budget reveals a substantial commitment to active transport, with a $315 million investment over four years to enhance cycling and walking infrastructure, including a significant project in Greenslopes.

This initiative is part of the $37.4 billion Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Programme 2024-25 to 2027-28 (QTRIP).

Economic and Health Benefits Drive Investment

Photo Credit: Pexels

The extensive funding aims to promote healthier lifestyles, reduce traffic congestion, and lower transport costs across the state. Analysis shows a remarkable return on investment, with nearly five dollars gained for every dollar spent on bike infrastructure and a substantial thirteen dollars for every dollar allocated to walking infrastructure. 

This economic boost is expected to resonate throughout Queensland, underscoring the government’s commitment to sustainable and efficient transport solutions.

Local Resources

Key Projects Across Queensland

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Among the highlighted projects is the $36.1 million velobridge over Birdwood Road on Veloway 1 in Greenslopes, designed to provide cyclists a safer and more efficient route. Another major endeavour is the $22.5 million Riverwalk expansion at Kangaroo Point, which will close existing gaps to create a continuous bike and pedestrian path from Kangaroo Point to Mowbray Park.

Other significant projects include:

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  • Cairns Southern Access Cycleway: A $41.5 million investment, co-funded with the Australian Government, to improve cycling infrastructure in Cairns.
  • Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3 Cycleway: A $20 million project, co-funded with the Gold Coast City Council, to extend the cycleway from Broadbeach South to Burleigh Heads.
  • Moggill Road Upgrades: Allocating $10.4 million to enhance active transport facilities from the Centenary Motorway to Chapel Hill Road.
  • South Brisbane and Surrounding Areas: A $9.6 million investment to develop a network of bike-friendly streets in South Brisbane, West End, and Highgate Hill.
  • New England Highway Bikeway: An additional $9.4 million towards the second stage of the bikeway from Highfields to Toowoomba.

Supporting Initiatives and Broader Impacts

The funding is wider than infrastructure. It also encompasses initiatives to educate the public about the benefits of active transport, enhance safety, and encourage behavioural changes towards more sustainable modes of travel. These efforts stimulate the economy and promote well-being through increased physical activity.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Bart Mellish emphasised the broad benefits of active transport, noting that increased walking and cycling lead to decreased traffic and pollution, along with cost savings and health improvements for individuals.

Bicycle Queensland’s Advocacy Director Andrew Demack highlighted the value for money these projects represent, stressing the importance of building connected and safe bikeways. Similarly, Queensland Walks CEO Anna Campbell lauded the government’s investment in walking infrastructure, urging further commitments to ensure safe and convenient walking routes for all Queenslanders.

Published Date 24-June-2024