Stones Corner Set to Undergo Suburban Renewal Project

Suburban Renewal project
Stones Corner Village (Photo credit: Google Street View)

A new Suburban Renewal project is set to commence in Stones Corner, aiming to rejuvenate the area and enhance its appeal.

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The suburban renewal initiative targets smaller, underutilised, or strategically located suburban areas, with detailed planning designed to deliver rapid and effective results. 

Suburban Renewal Project
Photo credit: Google Street View

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Cr Fiona Cunningham, who announced the project on Instagram, emphasised the vision for the area: “We want to unlock the potential of Stones Corner and build on the already great lifestyle and village atmosphere that’s here, taking advantage of the public transport, employment, and business opportunities.” 

Objectives of the Suburban Renewal Project

The suburban renewal precincts program is designed to:

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  • Unlock Opportunities for Underutilised Land: The initiative seeks to transform underutilised parcels of land into vibrant areas offering new homes and jobs, enhancing the community’s economic and social fabric.
  • Ensure Quick and Responsive Planning Outcomes: By streamlining the planning process, the program aims to deliver outcomes more rapidly and efficiently.
  • Deliver Locally Relevant Outcomes: Each precinct plan will be tailored to address the specific needs and characteristics of the local area, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.
  • Engage the Community and Stakeholders: Effective and targeted engagement with the community and stakeholders is a cornerstone of the program, ensuring that the voices of residents and local businesses are heard.
  • Coordinate Council Programs and Priorities: The program will align with broader Council initiatives, ensuring a cohesive approach to suburban renewal.

Selection Criteria for Precincts

Suburban Renewal Project
Photo credit: Google Street View

Precincts were chosen based on factors indicating their potential for community benefit, including site characteristics such as context, size, and potential for mixed-use development. 

Strategic significance within the urban framework and the presence of underutilised land, particularly land not currently used to its full potential, were also considered. Proximity to existing and planned public transport infrastructure was a key factor, along with alignment with current and proposed major infrastructure investments.

Photo credit: Google Street View

Additionally, the ability to manage constraints effectively and compatibility with the existing planning framework were important criteria. The timing of infrastructure projects and the potential for partnership opportunities to enhance outcomes were also taken into account. Finally, ensuring alignment and synergy with other Council projects was crucial in the selection process.

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Precinct plans are expected to take 12 to 18 months to prepare, marking the beginning of a new era for Stones Corner.

Published 12-June-2024