Hanlon Park Rejuvenation Project Ready for Stage 2

Hanlon Park Rejuvenation Project
Photo Credit: Stephan Gregory/Google Maps

Work on the Hanlon Park Rejuvenation Project in Greenslopes is moving along swiftly and will progress to the second stage soon with the completion of the nature-themed play area.

The playground off Lincoln Street is near the Stones Corner Community Kindergarten and is equipped with new sliding and climbing all abilities equipment, sand play and swings, and seating areas for groups and families.

On 11 Dec. 2020, Councillor Fiona Cunningham confirmed that the playground has re-opened with the following features:

  • Multi-level adventure play tower with slide and swing set
  • Sandpit with diggers
  • Water hand pump to activate water flow along the creek bed
  • Nature-based climbing structures
  • Shade sails
  • Paths
  • Natural rock creek beds
Photo Credit: Councillor Fiona Cunningham/Facebook
Photo Credit: Councillor Fiona Cunningham/Facebook

The open green space, however, is not yet completely ready for use for safety reasons as construction work is still taking place. 

Part of the work includes ripping off a section of the concreted waterway to build a natural ecosystem. 

Some 462 trees and 43,000 shrubs will also be planted all around the park to boost the greenery, which will make the Norman Creek water cleaner. Sometime in the year, the community will be asked to get involved with the planting activities.

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Photo Credit: Brisbane City Council

The Hanlon Park Rejuvenation Project, which is estimated for completion by late 2021, aims to:

  • revitalise Norman Creek, which runs through the park
  • enhance the environment with more trees and natural spaces
  • increase recreational and social opportunities for residents and visitors
  • enhance connectivity and accessibility within the park and local area
  • boost local economic vibrancy with a new place to relax and enjoy

For concerns and questions about this project, phone the team at 1800 669 416 (business hours) or 07 3403 8888 (off business hours), or send an email through cityprojects@brisbane.qld.gov.au.