Stones Corner Due For a Daring Comeback This 2021

Stones Corner
Photo credit: Brisbane Economic Development Agency/Visit Brisbane

After much neglect and a series of closures pre-pandemic, Stones Corner is set to make a daring comeback in 2021. With six projects set to revitalise the precinct, it’s only a matter of time until this high street is restored to its former glory. 

Sprucing Up Penney’s Building, 357 Logan Rd

The first of these projects is the restoration of Penney’s Building, one of the precinct’s chief landmarks. Having been around since 1938, the building at 357 Logan Rd has been left in a state of disrepair despite its iconic and easily-recognisable art deco exterior. Plans are being drawn by the DeMartini Fletcher group to refurbish it with wooden trusses, exposed brick, higher ceilings, and indoor foliage; all of which will give the interior a fresher look. 

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Bringing in the Latest Tenants to Bower Lane

Bower Lane, 433 Logan Rd is also due for some upgrades, with seven new tenancies that range from the chic coffee shop Buenos Dias Con Café, all the way to the yet-to-be-opened Greenslopes branch of Brooklyn Depot — a renowned burger bar hailing from South Bank.  With new establishments packed with personality, Bower Lane aspires to catch the eyes of many would-be regulars. 

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New Clinics, Dentists, and Doctors at 416 Logan Rd

One of the more extensive projects is the overhaul of 416 Logan Rd, which is scheduled to be fully renovated in March. Tenants from the health industry such as dentists and doctors are planning to set up clinics within the building, supplying Greenslope locals with some easily-accessible medical expertise.

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Beautician’s Hub at Freedom Suites

The fourth Stones Corner project is Freedom Suites, 392 Logan Rd. A powerhouse in the hair and beauty industry, this building now serves as a hub for freelance hairdressers and beauty specialists to set up shop, and given how many customers Freedom Suites attracts, businesses close by also prosper as a result of the influx of visitors.

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Cello Apartments

Plans have also been drawn for the Cello Apartments situated in the corner between Cleveland and Flora streets. With an enticing residential area in a prime location surrounded by shops, restaurants and bars, hundreds of people can move in and be proud to call Stone Corners their home. 

Tower Ad
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New Mixed-Use Residential Area at 66 Cleveland

The final project lined up for the revitalization of Stones Corner is Montague Developments’ plan to create a mixed-use residential tower in 66 Cleveland, complete with residential floors, an outdoor kitchen, coffee shops and restaurants, as well as an infinity pool. Given its proximity to various outlets and facilities as well as the Brisbane CBD, Stones Corner has the potential to become one of the busiest precincts in the Queensland area.