TenantConnect Launched with Unveiling of Greenslopes Housing Complex Upgrade

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Following the much-needed upgrade of the Greenslopes social housing complex at 44 Vine Street, Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni launched TenantConnect, a new service for public housing tenants.

The Vine Street complex, comprising of 63 units for seniors, recently had a $4-million upgrade.


Photo credit: TennantConnect

According to Mr de Brenni, the latest program for housing tenants called TenantConnect will enable the 108,000 people living in public housing across the State “to become involved in activities which build their skills, confidence and community connections”.

Moreover, Mr de Brenni said the new program allows public housing tenants to have their say on the government services.

“If they have any ideas on how we can improve our service delivery – whether that be housing design, safety and security, or streamlining access for the most vulnerable – this program delivers that avenue,” he explained.

Talking about the upgrades, Mr de Brenni also said the renovations provide more than modern homes.

“A big plus is the community connection the process creates, overcoming isolation, which in some cases can be debilitating for elderly Queenslanders,” he said.

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Greenslopes Complex Upgrades

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Member for Greenslopes Joe Kelly also added that tenants were “given a voice” during the refurbishment of the complex.

According to Mr Kelly, all 63 tenants had their say about what needed fixed in the building. This was done by forming a committee to help design the complex.

Upgrades to the complex include eight new car parks (including an ambulance bay), communal lighting, and improved gardens.

Photo credit: TennantConnect

One of the tenants, Bruce Cole, said residents felt “grateful and empowered.”

“We now have a beautiful, welcoming complex with outdoor areas that are making a big difference to people getting together and socialising,” he said.

“Even though the upgrade is complete, we still have regular meetings with the department where we can discuss our concerns.”

Tenants can further give their concerns and suggestions to the government by simply taking part in an online survey. Furthermore, tenants may also share their stories and ideas by emailing tenantconnect@hpw.qld.gov.au.