Midnight Trip to Kitchen Leaves Greenslopes Man $1M Richer

Lucky win

When a Greenslopes man got up for a midnight drink of water, he did not expect to be heading back to bed $1 million richer. But that’s exactly what happened!

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 The shock windfall has left the winner understandably stunned, admitting he thought he was dreaming when he first saw the seven-figure sum. The man had to shake his sleeping partner awake to confirm if the life-changing news was real.

“After that I don’t think I went back to sleep,” said the man.

Photo credit: The Lott/Facebook

“My partner woke up and saw me sitting there and asked, ‘what’s going on, are you alright?’

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“I think I just laughed before telling her, ‘I won the lottery!’

For the humble winner, the timing couldn’t be better. He revealed plans to finally buy a property in the area’s competitive market. But first, as a thank you for their support, he intends to set up his parents financially for the rest of their lives.

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The fortunate Greenslopes resident had purchased his lucky 12-game QuickPick ticket online through thelott.com.

The life-changing winning numbers drawn in Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto on September 25th were 9, 34, 3, 5, 35 and 43. The supplementary numbers that rounded out the draw were 19 and 8.

Incredibly, there was only a single division one winning entry across the entire country – belonging to the thrilled Queensland man.

The man’s $1 million prize marks the second major lottery win for Greenslopes residents in recent weeks. Just last month, a local Greenslopes mother also scored $1 million in the Saturday Gold Lotto competition.

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After such a huge win, the lucky Greenslopes man will certainly be raising a glass to his late night thirst. It seems you never know what a trip to the kitchen in the middle of the night might bring.

Published 27-September-2023