Tigers vs WM Seagulls: Brisbane Fight Valiantly But Fall Just Short

The Brisbane Tigers mounted a spirited second-half fightback against Wynnum Manly in Round 13 but their valiant efforts ultimately fell just short as the Seagulls held on for an 18-16 victory. Tigers vs WM Seagulls kicked off at 3:00 p.m. last Saturday, June 8 at the Totally Workwear Stadium.

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Tigers vs WM Seagulls

Wynnum Manly came out of the gates firing, with lock Josh Stuckey grabbing a first-half double to help the home side race out to an 18-6 lead at the break. The Seagulls looked in complete control after their blistering start.

However, the Tigers refused to go away quietly. Led by a phenomenal individual performance from centre Kane Bradley, Brisbane turned the tide in the second stanza.

The towering Bradley was simply unstoppable, scoring two tries while racking up 193 run metres, 79 post-contact metres, 2 line breaks, 5 tackle busts and 2 offloads in a true master class of powerful centre play.

Despite Bradley’s herculean efforts, the Tigers just couldn’t quite get over the line as Wynnum’s first-half burst proved too much to overcome.

Tigers captain Ryley Jacks bemoaned his side’s slow start as the ultimate difference maker.

Jacks said that their atrocious first half really hurt them with those two sin bins and lack of discipline. “If we can fix that up, I back us to win games like this,” he argued.

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Long Lunch ahead for the Tigers faithful

Photo Credit: Facebook/Suzuki Brisbane Tigers

In other news, the club’s major fundraising Long Lunch is announced for Friday, August 9th at Victoria Park Golf Course. Rugby league legends Wally Lewis and Gene Miles are the special guests, with raffles, auctions and amazing prizes on offer for fans.

Get your tickets here.

Published 14-June-2024

Developers Seek Approval for Six-Storey Mixed-Use Project in Greenslopes

Developers have submitted plans for a six-storey mixed-use development in Greenslopes, which aims to transform the site into a vibrant hub offering a diverse range of amenities.

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The subject site is located at 730-742 Logan Road and 11, 11A & 15 Plimsoll Street.

At the heart of the proposal is a 5045 sqm gross floor area, catering to office spaces, healthcare services, a food and drink outlet, and a gym. 

This blend of functions, designed by Wiltshire Stevens Architecture, reflects a modern approach to urban development, promoting both productivity and leisure within the same space.

Photo credit: Wiltshire Stevens Architecture 

According to planning documents, the proposed building is envisioned as a contemporary marvel, boasting sleek design elements and versatile spaces. Its strategic location on a prominent corner holding further enhances its visibility and accessibility.

One of the standout features of the development is the 24-hour gym, providing round-the-clock fitness opportunities for patrons. Meanwhile, the rooftop pool deck and garden offer an exclusive retreat for members, elevating the concept of leisure amenities to new heights.

“The development capitalises on the site’s location and access to social and transport infrastructure to provide additional housing choice within a key inner-city location and represents the efficient use of the of the land,” planners stated.

Photo credit: Wiltshire Stevens Architecture 

With 147 car parking spaces spread across two and a half levels, convenience is prioritised for visitors and tenants alike. The remaining four levels are dedicated to accommodating the food and drink outlet, healthcare services, indoor sport and recreation facilities, and office spaces, ensuring a dynamic blend of activities within the building.

The project is the brainchild of Brisbane-based office park developer Bill Henderson of OPD, in collaboration with Capital Transactions’ David Watson. 

If approved, the food and beverage establishment, healthcare services, and office spaces will adhere to the designated operating hours outlined in the Centre’s code, spanning from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., inclusive of deliveries. 

Photo credit: Wiltshire Stevens Architecture 

Conversely, the proposed gym plans to operate continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Group classes will start daily at 5:00 a.m. and conclude by 8:00 p.m. Moreover, access to the rooftop garden will be exclusive to gym members, open from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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In summary, the proposed six-storey mixed-use development at Greenslopes represents a fusion of innovation, functionality, and luxury. It embodies the evolving needs of modern urban communities while setting a new standard for mixed-use developments in Brisbane.

Published 16-May-2024

Musical Healing Resonates as Greenslopes Doctor Conducts Cancer Choir

Dr Andrew Nicol, a leading Greenslopes haematologist and oncologist, has launched a virtual cancer choir, providing a harmonious refuge for patients undergoing gruelling cancer treatments from the comfort of their own homes or hospital beds.

Dr Nicol spent over 20 years leading cutting-edge haematology-oncology research at the Greenslopes Private Hospital, testing innovative lymphoma, myeloma, and leukaemia therapies. His Brisbane Clinic for Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukaemia ensures rapid access to specialist care and seamless coordination with other medical experts. 

However, he recognised the need for a more holistic approach, one that addresses the emotional and psychological toll of cancer treatment. 

Thus, the idea for Hope Sings was born.  The project was officially formed in 2023.

Collaborative Healing Melodies 

Hope Sings is a virtual choir that allows patients to record themselves singing from anywhere in the world, with their voices merged into a unified performance by music technicians.

The project is a joint effort between Dr Nicol’s Exercise, Music and Art in Medicine charity, Queensland’s renowned Voices of Birralee community choir, cancer survivor and podcaster Jacqui Cowan, and the support of university composers.

Voices of Birralee, under the guidance of musical director Paul Holley, has provided backing tracks and a repertoire of uplifting songs tailored to various vocal abilities. Patients can download the tracks, sing along while recording themselves on their smartphones, and optionally submit video performances.

Ms Cowan is a patient of Dr Nicol, who has been in remission for 10 years. She hosts the “Cancer Culture” podcast on Spotify.

Harmonising Hope 

Dr Nicol explained that cancer treatment often involves extended periods of isolation or being bedridden, leading to feelings of boredom and depression. Their research consistently demonstrates the positive effects of singing, collaborating, engaging in art, and exercising for individuals undergoing treatment.

The therapeutic power of music is already evident among the choir’s first participants. 

David Taylor, undergoing leukaemia therapy, has experienced the emotional benefits of choir singing firsthand.

Terry Ryder, a 76-year-old lymphoma patient and music lover, sees the choir as a source of solace and hope during his cancer journey. For Nerida Rienecker, a mother of four, the choir is a source of comfort and relief from the stresses of cancer as her son battled stage 4 Wilms tumour.

As the virtual choir expands, participants can collaborate with university composers, share their stories on podcasts, and eventually participate in hybrid concerts streamed online. Hope Sings aims to bring hope and healing to cancer patients worldwide with an inclusive and innovative approach.

Learn more about this program here.

Legacy Moves Headquarters to Greenslopes Hospital to Enhance Veteran Support

Legacy is relocating its head office to Greenslopes Private Hospital to support veterans undergoing treatment and to provide comprehensive assistance to their families

A troubling statistic revealed by the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research indicates a veteran contacts emergency services every 16 hours in Queensland due to suicidal thoughts. This data, forming part of the evidence for the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide, highlights a critical need for better support mechanisms.

Between 2014 and 2017, 1625 Queensland veterans had interactions with police or paramedics, showing a 24% higher likelihood of suicide-related contacts compared to civilians.

Legacy’s Response and New Initiatives

In response to these alarming figures, Legacy Brisbane is moving its headquarters and planning to construct Legacy House at the Greenslopes site. The new facility aims to be a sanctuary for veterans and their families, offering both clinical and non-clinical support to address the complex mental health consequences of military conflicts.

Brendan Cox, a 26-year veteran and the CEO of Legacy Brisbane, emphasised the need for community and governmental support to realise this vision.

The project, valued at $9 million, has successfully raised $8.3 million so far, with Legacy Brisbane spearheading the Bring it Home campaign to secure the remaining funds by Anzac Day. The community’s involvement is seen as pivotal in bringing this project to fruition, providing a lifeline to veterans and their families.

Dr. Annabel McGuire, the new president of Legacy Brisbane and the spouse of a Queensland war veteran, shared her personal experience to illustrate the everyday challenges faced by returning soldiers and their families. Her account of her husband’s struggle with post-traumatic stress after serving in Iraq underlines the profound impact of war on mental health and the dire need for accessible support networks.

Legacy Brisbane encourages the community to engage with and support the Bring It Home campaign, stressing the importance of such initiatives in providing crucial services to those affected by military service. 

Published 29-April-2024

Greenslopes Mums Urged to Donate Breast Milk

A plea has gone out to mothers in Greenslopes and across South East Queensland with excess breast milk to help critically ill babies.

The Australian Red Cross Lifeblood is facing a critical shortage of donated breast milk, essential for premature and low birthweight babies in the state’s Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs).

Photo Credit: Website/ Australian Red Cross Lifeblood

“Donated breast milk is liquid gold for premature or very sick and small babies,” says Chris Sulfaro, Lifeblood Milk Service Manager. When a mother’s own milk isn’t available, donated breast milk provides vital nutrients and antibodies, helping these fragile infants fight off infections and grow strong.

Currently, Lifeblood supplies 120 litres of milk to 19 Queensland hospitals each month, but with demand on the rise, their freezers are running low. “We’re reliant on milk donations from other states to meet Queensland’s needs,” says Sulfaro. “Ideally, we’d triple the number of donors in Brisbane and the South East to ensure a consistent supply.”

Photo Credit: Website/ Australian Red Cross Lifeblood

Lifeblood is specifically looking for mothers residing in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Ipswich who have an excess of three litres of frozen or expressed milk that are less than 10 weeks old, and meet eligibility criteria.  

The donation process is designed to be convenient for mothers.  Milk can be expressed, frozen, and stored at home or in the hospital, with Lifeblood coordinating pick-up directly.

“Many mothers in NICUs need a temporary bridge of support while their milk supply establishes,” explains Sulfaro. “Donated breast milk fills that gap, providing the best possible nutrition for these vulnerable babies.”

Milk donor Isha Thanki with her full fridge.
Photo Credit: Website/ Australian Red Cross Lifeblood

Lifeblood’s national milk service distributes donated breast milk to 35 hospitals across Australia. With demand expected to rise from 5500 litres to 6000 litres this year, increasing the donor base in Queensland is crucial.

Mums interested in becoming lifesavers for Queensland’s tiniest patients can find more information and eligibility details at lifeblood.com.au.

Published Date 21-April-2024

Tigers vs Clydesdales: Brisbane Look to Continue Momentum Against Winless Foes

On April 6, Saturday, defending premiers Brisbane Tigers will host the Western Clydesdales at Totally Workwear Stadium for a crucial Hosplus Cup matchup. Tigers vs Clydesdales kickoff at 3:00 p.m., with the women’s teams facing off at 1:20 p.m. for the BMD Premiership.

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The Tigers (1-2) come into this game looking to build on their first win of the season, a dominant 24-0 victory over the Jets on March 24. Ricco Falaniko, Marion Seve (twice), Treigh Stewart, and Leivaha Pulu all crossed the line for the Tigers, who held a 4-0 lead at the halftime break.

Tigers vs Clydesdales in 2023

Clydesdales vs Tigers 2023
Photo Credit: QRL

Last season, the Tigers had the Clydesdales’ number, winning both the home and away fixtures. On April 23, the Tigers edged the Clydesdales 32-28 at home, before securing an 18-34 victory on the road on July 8.

The defending premiers will be looking to build momentum against the winless Clydesdales (0-2). The visitors have struggled to find their form in the early stages of the season, and the Tigers will be aiming to capitalise on their opponent’s troubles.

Search for the new CEO

In other news, the Tigers organisation has announced that they have begun the search for a new Chief Executive Officer, following the March 18 news that current CEO Brian Torpy will be stepping down from the role after 8 years.

Torpy will remain in the position until August 3, where he will oversee the completion of Stage 2 of the Langlands Park facility before his departure.

“The time is right for a change and to pass the baton on to my successor”, Torpy said. “It’s been a privilege to have served the Club and I am proud to have been part of such a great team that has put the Club in a position to hopefully move into the NRL.”

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The Tigers will be hoping to provide their fans with a positive result on Saturday as they look to climb the Hosplus Cup standings and build momentum ahead of the remainder of the season.

Published 05-April-2024

Empowerment Through Knowledge: Baby and Child CPR & First Aid Class at Greenslopes

Greenslopes Private Hospital is conducting a comprehensive baby and child CPR & First Aid class, an essential resource for parents, caregivers, and anyone caring for young children. 

In the three-hour session on 24 March 2024, experienced paediatric nurse educators lead participants through real-life scenarios, enabling them to gain invaluable skills and confidence to handle emergencies involving infants and children effectively. 

The interactive program covers a wide range of topics crucial for child safety. The course also is open to individuals from the broader community. 

Moreover, attendees can access additional first aid topics online, a quick reference poster, a certificate of attendance, and informative materials for future reference. The class is inclusive and extends to the whole family, ensuring that grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other caregivers have essential knowledge.

CPR & First Aid Class Greenslopes
Photo Credit: Unsplash

Focusing on proactive preparation, this class offers peace of mind and practical skills for handling emergencies effectively. 

Topics Covered

  • Choking
  • Drowning (Fatal + Non-Fatal)
  • Burns
  • Head Injuries (including Wounds)
  • Poisoning
  • Fever + Seizure
  • The Sick Child (Recognising the Red Flags)
  • When to Seek Help
  • Allergies + Anaphylaxis (Introducing Common Allergenic Foods)
  • Q+A

Additional Benefits for Participants

  • Access to additional first aid topics (envenomation, limb injuries and more) via online learning platform
  • Quick reference poster
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Fridge postcard of important phone numbers + information on additional resources available

Book now to avail of group discounts and take the first step towards safeguarding your loved ones! 

CPR & First Aid Classes Details

  • Venue: Greenslopes Private Hospital, Newdegate St, Greenslopes QLD 4120
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Cost: $90.00 + GST per person

Published 7-March-2024

New Owners Revive No More Knots in Greenslopes

No More Knots, a popular remedial massage chain in Greenslopes, is returning triumphantly after enduring a tumultuous receivership period. Elisha McDonald and her husband, Grant Jenkins, have taken the reins of No More Knots, buoyed by the steadfast support of loyal customers.

Mr Jenkins, a former strength coach to sporting luminaries like Ash Barty and John Millman, joins his wife in steering the company towards a promising future, safeguarding 60 jobs.

Despite the challenges posed by a controversial takeover by a United States company, No More Knots’ outlets in Greenslopes, Taringa and Newmarket continue to serve the community.

Whilst Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa, also under the purview of the US-based Rayont Holdings, succumbed to closure in May last year, No More Knots stands firm, poised for resurgence.

Ms McDonald’s acquisition of the Greenslopes building signifies a new chapter for No More Knots, preserving the brand’s objectives amidst uncertainty.

No More Knots Greenslopes
Photo Credit: No More Knots/Facebook

With a focus on nurturing a supportive work culture,  Ms McDonald’s dedication extends beyond business revival, as evidenced by efforts to accommodate staff affected by the liquidation of a Brendale supplements supplier.

Her reverence for No More Knots’ founder, Kelly Townsend, underscores the commitment to honouring the company’s legacy. Ms Townsend’s vision, originating in humble beginnings beneath her house in 1998, now stands as a testament to perseverance and resilience.

As No More Knots embarks on its journey of rejuvenation, Ms McDonald’s vision includes sponsoring local initiatives like the Red Dog Triathlon, embodying a renewed commitment to community engagement and excellence in service provision.

Follow No More Knots (Greenslopes) on Facebook for updates.

Betty Jennings: Greenslopes Volunteer Named Senior Citizen of the Year

Betty Jennings of Stones Corner and Richard Tanner of Greenslopes have been recognised for their community involvement and service, as part of the 2024 Australia Day Awards. 

Betty was recognised as Senior Citizen of the Year for her extraordinary journey of over two decades of volunteer work at Greenslopes Private Hospital.

She is a member of the Diggers’ Dozen, a group of volunteers that have been providing patient care for over 30 years.

“Betty Jennings exemplifies the best of Brisbane’s values and our nation’s famed Aussie spirit,” Cr Adrian Schrinner said, heaping special praise on Betty. 

Through her service, she has set a fantastic example of community involvement, inspiring others to contribute to the betterment of Brisbane.

Betty Jennings Greenslopes
Photo Credit: Greenslopes Private Hospital 

A Greenslopes local, Richard Tanner, was honoured with the Australia Day Achievement Awards, along with 19 others from all across Brisbane. 

The not-for-profit organisation Dig In was honoured as Young Citizen of the Year. This award was accepted by Curtis Sciacca and Lindsay Brown on behalf of the organization. 

Dig In, operating across two locations in Fortitude Valley and West End, was recognized for its innovative use of technology to provide 300 to 350 meals every Saturday to individuals experiencing food insecurity.

In addition, the Australia Day Sports Award was presented to Ryan Finn, who has devoted seven years of his time to volunteering for the Para Sport of Boccia. Ryan’s dedication has empowered young people with disabilities to actively engage in sports.

These outstanding award winners will be publicly acknowledged once more at this year’s Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony, which will witness the participation of over 550 new citizens.

Published 22-Jan-2024

Greenslopes to Witness Urban Renewal with New Commercial Building Development

A new commercial building project could soon make a significant transformation in Greenslopes, revitalising the area as a mix of residential dwellings and buildings for commercial purposes. 

The proposed project, DA A006375655, located at 730 – 742 Logan Road and 11, 11A & 15 Plimsoll Street has been meticulously designed as a six-story mixed-use complex. The site encompasses office spaces, healthcare services, and a ground floor space with designated food and drink establishments. 

The proposal is designed to accommodate 206 car parking spaces, including two spaces for persons with disabilities. It also includes 24 bicycle parking spaces, with 17 designated for employees, 7 for visitors, and 9 for motorcycles. Access to the site is facilitated via Plimsoll Street.

Photo Credit: DA A006375655

Place Design Group, the planning firm behind the project, has highlighted the significance of this development, citing that “the size, layout, and tenancy mix of the proposal provide a unique contemporary offering of a mid-rise commercial mixed-use building within Brisbane’s south.”

The development aligns seamlessly with the community’s expectations and shares a direct connection with Greenslopes Mall, enhancing the bustling urban hub in the area.

Photo Credit: DA A006375655

“The development boasts a high level of comfort for future tenants and visitors with the provision of balconies and a centralised atrium, breaking the mould of traditional office buildings,” the application indicated.

“The development represents a logical expansion to the Greenslopes Mall … and has been designed accordingly to not exceed the maximum building height for the site.” 

Photo Credit: DA A006375655

The proposed development, with a site cover of 2817 square meters (50%) on a development site spanning 5655 square meters, signifies a substantial step towards rejuvenating Greenslopes.

DA A006375655, filed in October 2023, is currently under assessment.

Published 11-Jan-2024